A New Generation of Land Planning

    We can’t say enough about your planning services. Our clients love that you reduce their infrastructure costs and increase their buildable space. Plus you delivered your drawings checked for closures and setbacks, and overall your plans are very easy for our engineers to work with. Also, the county liked the safer neighborhood designs with traffic calming measures incorporated and that there is less street to maintain.

    Bill M.
    Civil Engineer

    Just a short note to let you know how happy we are with InSite. We just don’t get your kind of service from anyone else. Things are always done on time, phone calls returned, and revisions made without complaint. InSite is one of a kind!

    David O.

    To everyone at InSite,

    Over the years I’ve seen InSite turn a marginal project into a homerun. I’ve seen you add amenities to a project without reducing lots, in fact increasing them. I’ve seen one of your projects sell out completely while other developments nearby struggled to sell lots. One way or another you guys always add value.

    Kevin T.
    Project Manager

    Dear InSite Land Planning,

    I wanted to give you a quick thanks for all your work on our project. As you know, we were struggling with the county engineer with our original layout. We were very impressed with how your plan helped us overcome the problems we were having with the county. They loved your ideas and plans. Your unique design not only increased the number of lots from 48 to 62, it also increased the number of premium lots from 12 to 16. The combination of reduced costs and increased revenue gave us a real win-win situation. Be assured that we will continue to recommend you.

    Rob J.

    Thank you InSite, I just found out that you were the people who did the layout for our neighborhood. We love our larger pie shaped lot, it’s much nicer than any of the other developments we looked at. And we thank you for the curved street layout, it’s not so boring as straight streets but it also really slows down the cars driving past our home when our kids are outside playing in the yard.

    Bill & Tammy O.
    Home Owners