• This isn't old school land planning. This is science.

    Optimized Subdivision Design

  • A New Generation of Land Planning

    We believe that a great land plan has something in it for everyone, for you the developer, our planning techniques reduce your infrastructure costs and at the same time give you the maximum amount of buildable space to increase your revenues with curb appeal that traditional planning can’t compete with. For the municipality, a plan that gives them the traffic calming measures they want without using speed bumps. No cul-de-sacs that the first responders hate, as well as less linear feet of street to maintain. Finally, for the new resident, they get a safer neighborhood with fewer intersections and slowed local traffic with better views and more privacy. They also get a distinctive feel as they walk or drive through the neighborhood where they never see more than a few homes at one time. This all adds up to more and faster sales for you instead of your competition and a huge return on investment. An InSite plan using Optimized Subdivision Design does all of this for you.

  • A New Generation of Land Planning

    We don’t subscribe to the old traditional planning philosophy of gridded street patterns and cookie cutter lots arranged side to side and back to back. InSite land planning and its experienced planners use our Optimized Subdivision Design planning techniques to reduce infrastructure and create more buildable space. InSite’s plans are more attractive, more efficient and create safer neighborhoods with plenty of open space that impact the environment less and have a distinctive feel compared to traditionally designed neighborhoods.

  • A New Generation of Land Planning

  • Optimized Subdivision Design - A New Generation of Land Planning

    Developers: We reduce the things that cost you money, linear feet of street and all that goes with it. Curb and gutter, sidewalks, earthwork and intersections. Then we give it back to you in buildable space that can be used any way you want. You can use it for amenities, or use it to get more lots or bigger lots or both. Either way your lots will have better views and more privacy in a safer development with better curb appeal and faster absorption rates. We reduce your costs and increase your revenues while setting you apart from your competition..

    City: Less street to maintain and less strain on storm drain infrastructure. Also, traffic calming measures without using speed bumps, a safer neighborhood with fewer intersections, very few if any cul-de-sacs and of course more lots to build their tax base.

    Homeowners: A wonderful feel as they drive or walk through their neighborhood. They will never see more than 8 or 10 homes at any given time, not rows of garage fronts on both sides of the street as far as the eye can see. Slowed local traffic from the curvilinear streets means that people can’t drive three times the speed limit past their home. Fewer intersections make it a safer neighborhood for pedestrians and kids on their bikes. Irregular shaped lots with varied setbacks so they won’t look out your kitchen window into their next door neighbor’s kitchen window. And open space.

    Environment: The very nature of OSD creates open green space with less impervious surface and less runoff.Environment: The very nature of OSD creates open green space with less impervious surface and less runoff.

    Engineers: We produce a complete plat accurate plan with streets laid out, lots in, homes placed on the lots and all checked for setbacks and closure. Detention ponds in, easements and amenities shown and delivered in the CAD file format they need. It’s ready for them to do vertical design, grading, drainage, sewer and water.

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